Recipe: Perfect Red Wine Sauce

Red wine sauce can be a tricky customer, people often complain of a sauce with ‘bits’ in it which is often a split sauce, sulphites or remnants of a pan. The key is good quality wine and patience, a good red wine sauce isn’t a flash in the pan.

This is the red wine sauce to turn to when the weekend arrives and you’re celebrating something. Serve with my Beef Wellington and Braised Lettuce.

(Serves 2)


500ml good quality red wine
250ml Good quality red port
500ml beef stock
2 bay leaves
1 banana shallot, peeled and sliced
6  black peppercorns
Half a lemon
25g diced cold butter


Add the wine, port, bay leaves, peppercorns, and shallots to a heavy deep saucepan. Boil rapidly until reduced to half the original volume. Add the beef stock and check the depth of the remaining liquid. You now want to reduce what you have to 1/3rd the volume.

Strain the sauce into a clean pan and set aside until serving. Before you serve the sauce, gently reheat it and whisk in the butter a cube at a time being careful not to bring the sauce to a boil otherwise it will split. Once the sauce is thick and glossy add a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Taste and adjust with further lemon juice/salt to your taste if necessary. Remember you can always add but you can’t take away so season a little at a time and taste as you go before serving when you have the desired flavour and consistency.

Good quality red wine is vital


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