Recipe: Miso Grilled Salmon

Miso paste is one of those things that you might have bought once upon a time for a much needed health kick. But if you’re anything like me then the jar pretty much festers and gets deeper and deeper into the fridge as time goes by. Well it’s time for Miso to shine and this recipe creates the most lip smackingly delicious piece of salmon you’re likely to have eaten.

(serves 2)


2 skinless salmon fillets
3 Tbsp Miso paste
1 Tbsp Shaoxing rice wine
1/2 Tsp sugar
White pepper
Finely sliced spring onions


Preheat your grill to it’s highest setting. In a shallow bowl mix together the Miso, rice wine, sugar and a pinch of white pepper. Spread the paste over the fillets of salmon. You don’t need to marinade them for a long time at this point they’re just as awesome cooked right away. Line your grill with some foil and brush the base with a little olive oil (this will stop excess marinade sticking/burning and then grill the fillets for 6-7 minutes until cooked through.

Serve the salmon with sliced spring onions sprinkled on top and my Spiced Aubergine Cous Cous for a healthy zingy meal.

You can also leave the salmon to go cold and flake it into omelettes, salads, wraps and other things.

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