Recipe: Seared Steak and Eggs, Sauce Vierge

This is a simple one dish hit for those nights when cooking for one seems like a pointless task. With a little motivation it’ll always beat freezer food or a takeaway. This steak and eggs for one is a classic.

(serves 1)


1 thick cut Sirloin steak
2 eggs
1 finely diced and deseeded red chilli
Olive oil

sauce vierge;
100ml extra virgin olive oil
Juice of half lemon
4 cherry tomatoes roughly chopped
10 finely sliced basil leaves
1 tbsp diced red onion
Salt and pepper


Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium to high heat. Season the steak well with salt and plenty of black pepper and drizzle all over with olive oil. Using a pair of kitchen tongs hold the steak on it’s side and place the fat side of the sirloin into the pan, press down and hold the steak there for 2 minutes to release the flavours before resting the steak on it’s side. Leave the steak to cook for 3-4 minutes then flip and repeat for a further 3-4 minutes for a medium rare steak. Remove the steak and set aside to rest.

Meanwhile, for the sauce vierge, place a small saucepan on the hob and add the olive oil. Place the hob onto a low heat and gently warm the olive oil. When it is warm but not hot or sizzling, turn off the heat. At this stage add the other ingredients, mix well and season with salt and pepper. (you are using the warm oil to enhance the flavours of the ingredients and bring them together to infuse so it’s important you don’t overheat the oil) 

Using the frying pan from the steak, add a drop more oil and add the cracked eggs (don’t bust the yolks!) drop the diced chilli sporadically over the egg whites, they will hold onto the egg as it sets, and, season the yolks with a touch of salt.

Trim the fat from the steak and slice the steak evenly on the diagonal before laying on a plate. Dress the steak with the sauce vierge and the eggs and serve with a green salad.

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